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UniTek Global Services 2014

A Contract assignment importing existing content into a WordPress template. www.unitekglobalservices.com

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Photoshop, WordPress

SAP 2010-2011

While at SAP, I was a User Experience Developer my responsibities included the creation of web and email templates, a redesign of the internal Web Design Guidelines site as well as SAP.com

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, Photoshop, Fireworks

GMAC 2006-2009

While at GMAC Mortgage, I was a User Experience Architect responsible for design and management of over 20 websites under the GMAC Financial services umbrella.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Spry, Flash, ActionScript 2.0, Collage, XML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Kefta/Offermatica/Omniture tagging, Dorado, Tridium

SimStar 2005-2006

While at SimStar, I Designed developed and maintained numerous websites and email templates for the Pharmacuetical industry in both classic ASP and Dot.Net environments.

Tools Used: Html, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, XML, Flash

JP Morgan Chase & Co. 2004-2005

While at Chase in the Card Services Group I developed and maintained dozens websites for the various credit cards offered through the bank, including many high-profile clients. Below are links to some of these.

While at Chase in the Creative services/Customer experience Department.I worked on the interface design for their online banking portal. If you happen to use any of Chase's banking services; you can check out some of my UI design work online.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Flash, Html, CSS, JavaScript